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Thank You,
Louisa St. Clair
Chapter of the
Daughters of the
American Revolution
Community Foundation
for Southeast Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F.
Decker (Gandelot
Endowment for
Provencal-Weir House)
Front Porch Fund
Questers: Fox Creek
#216, Pear Tree #193,
Pettipointe #243, Rose
Terrace #1438
Native American
Questers Grosse Pointe
Chapter 147
Gifts in Kind
Mr. and Mrs. Doug
Mr. Mark Garmo –
Village Food Market
Mrs. Noreen Fancy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Mrs. Tennant
Mr. Richard Walters
Mr. and Mrs. George
Mason turns 80
On February 27, Maureen Devine, Susan Hartz, and Izzy
Donnelly of the GPHS helped Mason Elementary cele-
brate its 80th birthday. The school opened in 1929 with
99 students. It was only the third elementary school in
the district and taught grades K-4.
The Society was given original copies of the first three
issues of Mason’s school newsletter, Masonews, from
1929. They provide a wonderful glimpse into schooldays
80 years ago. Our favorite items include notice of the
Leisure Time club, whose aim is “to teach one how to
wisely use his leisure time,” and an announcement that,
to raise money, the students are selling “Ready-Jell.” Ads
included one from the “Milk Salesman” and Lochmoor
Meat Market, phone Lenox 6118, which had a coupon for
25 cents on a $2 purchase.
Valentine’s Tasting
Talented chef and GPHS Board member Doug Cordier hosted a delightful Valentine’s evening for
about 20 friends of the Society. Cordier prepared Italian delicacies including antipasti, ricotta
gnocchi, and shrimp Tosca. Guests also enjoyed a wine tasting, courtesy of Mark Garmo of
Village Food. Cordier displays a gnocchi board, used to form ridges in the pasta.
Gym class from the 30s.
Fourth grade students presented a timeline of the school.
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