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Susan Hartz............................................ President
Patti Schollenberger. . Vice President-Administration
Herman Mozer.............Vice President-Preservation
Denis Bouchard. .....................................Treasurer
Honorary Board
Chip Berschback
Patricia R. Colett
Michael Farley
Lisa Mower Gandelot
Nancy Griffin
Ronald C. Lamparter
Russell H. Peebles
Robert J. Petz, Jr.
Thomas E. Singelyn, DDS
Michael W. Skinner
Gail R. Stroh-Marentette
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society
Headquarters, Provencal-Weir House, c. 1823,
376 Kercheval Ave., is open the second Saturday
of each month during special events, and by
appointment.The Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran
Resource Center, 381 Kercheval Ave., is open
Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00 AM–12:30 PM
and 1:30–4:00 PM. Phone: (313) 884-7010.
Board of Trustees
Kay Agney
Suzy Berschback
Carolyn Candler
James Conway
Doug Cordier
Valerie Dodenhoff
Doug Dossin
Debbie Graffius
Stuart Grigg
Kiki Herfert
Greg Jakub
Maud Lyon
Jack McCormick
Ann Rock
Mary Lighton Shafer
Paul J. Sloan
Elizabeth (Penny)
Molly Valade
Steve Vella
Peggy Woodhouse
Executive Director/
Maureen Devine
Andrea Weyhing
Curator Emeritus
Jean Dodenhoff
Director of Education
Izzy Donnelly
Helga Liedtke
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We are very pleased to announce that the Grosse Pointe Historical Society
was recently awarded two grants, one focused on upgrading computer systems
from the Kresge Foundation, in tandem with the Cultural Alliance of South-
eastern Michigan, Michigan Nonprofit Association and NPower.The other
grant included the presentation of the Bookshelf, a professional set of books
covering many aspects of collection care. This was distributed through the
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) with the American
Association for State and Local History (AASLH) and was given to select
libraries and museums across the country.
The Kresge grant, presented to 19 local organizations, allowed us to upgrade
various software and equipment needs. We added additional memory, a NAS
server and purchased various flash drives to allow us to share and efficiently
backup our data. We also improved our “networking” abilities, added new
Norton Anti-Virus software and Microsoft Office 2008, to replace the 2003
version. Along with ten other recipients, GPHS also received additional
consultant time to set up the new equipment and train our staff.This will help
us function well and keep us up to date with new technologies. This timely
grant is greatly appreciated.
The IMLS Bookshelf was organized to help libraries and museums in the
United States understand proper and up-to-date collection care. The books
focus on a variety of themes including museum housekeeping, developing a
disaster preparedness plan to protect people and collections in the face of an
emergency, ethics involving the care of cultural and specialized collections,
and understanding legal issues involved with museum collections.This grant
is the result of a multi-year, multi-faceted national initiative to raise the
public’s awareness and a call to action to Connect to Collections and preserve
our heritage.
Grants for GPHS
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President’s Reflection
Correction from Spring 2009 issue:
In reference to New at the Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran Resource Center and
the gift from Dick Walters, the Reno brothers grew up on Ridge Road not
Reno Lane. Lawrence Reno moved to Reno Lane after he got married.
hope to partner with the five local municipalities and many organizations
including schools, nonprofits and the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce.
And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Stuart Grigg who for
the last three years has been our President. With his guidance, our Society has
made great strides. I will strive to do as fine a job during the next two years.
I’m looking forward to all of us working together to make our Society run
smoothly and efficiently, and have some fun along the way, as we preserve history
for generations to come.
Please visit our website at to learn more about our
organization and contact us with your thoughts and ideas.We would love to hear
from you.
Susan Hartz
President, Grosse Pointe Historical Society
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for support dedicated to the important
work we do.
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