GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 90

1928 Packard on lawn at 211 Vendome,
on loan courtesy of John Forster, Royal Oak.
Left to right: Peggy Woodhouse, Dr. Patricia O’Brien,
Jack McCormick, Betsy McCormick and John Woodhouse.
Left to right:
Mary Lee O’Bryan,
Dr. William Cosgrove and
Marlene Hamel
Wait staff and Hotz Catering
putting on the final touches.
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society may be focused on preserving our past, but we are evolving and using new
technology to connect with a broader audience. We have joined the current trend of social networking on
. To find us when visiting these sites, search for
Grosse Pointe Historical Society
‘tweet us’ using
. These pages will include upcoming program announcements, news links and general
information. We appreciate your reviews and comments – let us know what we are doing right or how we might
improve our communications to you.
In an effort to be responsible stewards during this difficult economic climate, we plan on sending our members
the Moorings
newsletter via the internet beginning in 2010. Please call us at (313) 884-7010 with your email address
or forward it to If you do not have an email address, let us know and we will send you a copy
the Moorings
via the post office. We want to keep you informed about all upcoming programs, follow-ups and news
relating to the history and preservation of the Grosse Pointes.
Social Networking: A New World
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