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A De-Lovely Night in Grosse Pointe
(previously Hiram Walker) to donate a variety of whiskies to help stock the bar.
Our team of docents, from Edsel & Eleanor Ford House and area Quester groups,
shared information about the architecture, the art collection, the history of the
house and previous owners including F. Caldwell Walker, Wendell W. Anderson
and George and Penny Simon, as well as fond memories of the Simon family
shared by so many people in the community. The ten Simon children and their
parents, George and Penny, touched many people!
The generous proceeds from this event will help fund the Society’s educational
initiatives including the Second Saturdays events, One-room Schoolhouse, Ribbon
Farm Days, and will help support the care and maintenance of the archival collec-
tions and the Provencal-Weir House. Thank you all for attending this important
event. We appreciate your support!
Grosse Pointe Historical Society thanks the following hosts and sponsors for
their generous support of A De-Lovely Night in Grosse Pointe.
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Guests gathering on the terrace.
Left to right – Joe Katulic, Lisa Gandelot,
Susan Hartz and Stuart Grigg.
Young volunteers at check-in table; Kerri Marowske,
T. Elliot Shafer and Victoria Slater.
Marianne and John Shock
Cindy and Paul Simon
Debbie and George Simon
You’re the Top ($5000)
Detroit Home Magazine
De-Lovely ($2500)
Molly and Mark Valade
Wunderbar ($1000)
Alan Marsche’s
Oriental Rug Gallery
The Private Bank
Gandelot & Associates
Citizens Bank
Maud Lyon and David Tarrant
Charles R. Whitney Foundation
A special thank you for those who could
not attend but still sent in a donation
and to the following businesses:
Canadian Club
Grigg Graphic Services
Grosse Pointe Florists, Inc.
Hotz Catering
Jerry’s Club Party Store
Trader Joe’s
Left to right – Suzy and Chip Berschback
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