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A De-Lovely Night
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Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran
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I’m pleased to write to you as the
new President of the Grosse Pointe
Historical Society. I see this oppor-
tunity as a chance for me to give back
to this community that I have loved
and lived and
worked in all
my life. Grosse
Pointe has a
rich and vibrant
history and one
that must be
preserved for
future genera-
tions. Our
mission will be just that, the preserva-
tion and promotion of Grosse Pointe
My focus will be to continue
working with groups and individuals
in the community to bring timely and
interesting programs to our members
and residents. In doing so I will strive
to engage more volunteers who are
eager to help us achieve our goals.
I look forward to working with
our staff, Maureen Devine – Executive
Director, Izzy Donnelly – Education
Director, and Helga Liedtke –
Administrator.We will announce our
new Board of Directors in the next
issue of The Moorings. Stay tuned,
we have a great lineup.
I’m very proud of the Society’s past
accomplishments including our fabulous
award winning website and our ongoing
archival digitization project supported
by the Wilkinson Foundation.We have
many continuing projects that reach out
to the Grosse Pointe community.We
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society’s annual gala fundraiser “A De-Lovely
Night in Grosse Pointe” on June 19th was a resounding success! More than
400 people were in attendance to hear Rennie
Kaufmann sing songs of Cole Porter and the
1930s, to enjoy the fine array of foods by Hotz
Catering, with the support of Doug Cordier
and co-chair Lisa Mower Gandelot, and to see
the beautiful Simon home. This Georgian-
style residence was originally built for F.
Caldwell Walker, grandson of HiramWalker,
by local architect Robert O. Derrick. In fact,
the Walker history inspired the company
Canadian Club in Windsor, Ontario
President’s Reflection
Grosse Pointe Historical Society presents
A De-Lovely Night in Grosse Pointe
Susan Hartz
Jon Gandelot, George Simon, Debbie Simon, Debbie Graffius and John Graffius
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Educator’s Observations
Grosse Pointe
Historical Society
established 1945
Summer 2009
Vol. 26. No. 3
To see more photographs of the party, please visit
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