GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 72

Busses for Fairview
Mr. and Mrs. John Bologna
65th Birthday Party
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Burkey
Color Printer
Mr. Michael Dixon
Insurance Music Box
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Gargaro, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harle
65th Birthday Party
Mr. Alan Marschke
Seminar on Oriental Rugs
Mr. and Mrs. John Ricci
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Shafer
65th Birthday Party
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Skinner
65th Birthday Party
In-Kind Donations
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Agley
Title Abstract for 671 Westchester Road, GPP
Mr. Lance Aldrich
Burton Title Abstract for 403 Belanger, GPF
Mrs. Myra Brown
17 Photos of homes on Lake Shore Road that have been torn down
Mr. Bliss Clark
Documents pertaining to the E.B. Caulkins Jr. family
Mr. Doug Cordier
Time to prepare food for Valentine “Amore”
Ms. Joan DeRonne
Book “75 years – Assumption Greek Orthodox Church”
Mrs. Maureen Devine
Various item (ltr. of 3-16-10)
Ms. Eugenie Durant
1909 and 1937 Blue Books 1948 Social Register
Mr. Andrew Camden
Social Secretary (1948,1981,1983,1984, 1992)
Michigan Social Register (1948,1971,1973)
Mrs. William Farquhar
1941 photo of National Association of Gardeners
Mr. Mason Ferry
4 Packets “Donut Seeds”
Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Gandelot
GP South High School 1928 – 2003 Banner
Mr. Mark Garmo
Wine for the wine tasting at the “Amore” event (2-12-2010)
Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church
Parking Lot for the “Talking Headstones” performances
Ms. Jean Hamby
Photos and documents of the Locke-Balmes Family
Dr. Charles K. Hyde
Bonhams publication The Magnificent Pearls of Anna Thompson Dodge
Ms. Dianne Klingenstein
Ivory Cane
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph J. Liedtke
2 AT&T 2-Line Speakerphones
Mr. Alan Marschke
2 Oval American hooked Rugs
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCormick
De-Humidifier for P-W House
Mrs. June McCormick
Blueprints for the Henry Ford II property in Grosse Pointe Farms
Mr. Herman Mozer
Slate Blackboards for One-Room Schoolhouse
Mr. Sean P. Murphy
2 Books “seven Acres of the Poupard Farm” the 1300 block of Yorkshire
The Joseph Socier Farm: Bishop Road
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Musial
Photo Album of Historic Sites
Mrs. Nancy Pacitto
Children Books for our School Programs
Mr. Russell Peebles
De-Humidifier for P-W House
Mr. George Prentice
7 Architectural Artifacts from Rose Terrace
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reas
Book “The Remaining contents of Rose Terrace and photographs of the Estate
St. Paul Catholic Church
Permission to hold “Talking Headstones” in St. Paul Cemetery
Mrs. Ruth Schueler
27 Heritage Magazines (1985 thru 1990)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schulte
Reno Family History DVD “1870 Mich.-US Federal Census Index
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Skinner
Printing Charges for GPHS Manuals ($97)
Book “Fireball” by Henry B. Hager
Newspaper Articles about Martin Luther King
Obituaries of Millie Schoenith and Zora Arkus-Duntov (Mr. Corvette)
2004 Designer Show House Brochure, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stocking
St. Clare of Montefalco Diamond Jubilee booklet
1951 Social Register
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sullivan III
Burton Abstract of Title of 80 Moross Road
Photos and history of 80 Moross Road
Mr. and Mrs. George Zinn
Black and Color Cartridges for Lexmark Printer, Manual
Thank You to Our 2010 Donors
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