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The Library of Congress’s traveling exhibit “Gateway to
Knowledge” rolls into Grosse Pointe at the Grosse Pointe
Historical Society, 381 Kercheval.
The exhibit, housed in a specially-designed 18-wheel
trailer, has been bringing treasures and information from the
Library of Congress into cities and towns across America
since September. “Gateway” parks in front of the Provencal-
Weir House, 376 Kercheval Ave, on Friday, December 17,
from 4:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 18, from
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.The exhibit is free to the public.
A VIP ceremonial ribbon-cutting will take place at
4:00 p.m. on Friday. A strolling cocktail party and open
house follow in the Provencal-Weir house.
The Gateway exhibit brings facsimiles of many of the
Library of Congress’s top treasures and information about
the millions of resources in its unparalleled collections. It is
Two recent grants to the Grosse Pointe Historical Society will
be instrumental in funding day-to-day operations of the organiza-
tion as well as a specific project.
A $10,000 Kresge Foundation grant, to be distributed over a
two-year period, will provide general operating support.The first
half of the grant was awarded in August; the second $5,000 will
be paid in October 2011.
The Wilkinson Foundation, endowed by Grosse Pointe residents
Warren and Mireille Wilkinson, awarded the GPHS a $5,000
grant to continue work on an important survey of the “built
environment” of the of the City of Grosse Pointe.This on-going
project has received continued support from the Wilkinsons.
“We are immensely grateful for the generosity of both these
organizations, ” said GPHS President Susan Hartz. “Their support
will allow us to continue providing our important services and
programs to the community and to keep Grosse Pointe history alive.”
Library of Congress Traveling Exhibit
Stops at Historical Society
GPHS Receives Two
Generous Grants
Grosse Pointe
Historical Society
established 1945
Winter 2010
Vol. 27. No. 3
Society Celebrates 65 Years
The Grosse Pointe community came out in full force
to celebrate the Grosse Pointe Historical Society’s 65th
Anniversary on October 9. Young and old enjoyed the
sunshine while sampling homegrown Michigan refreshments
including Vernor’s and Faygo pop, Sanders ice cream treats,
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New Outflow Pipes Installed at
Provencal-Weir House
Tom Singelyn, the unofficial “house manager” for the
Provencel-Weir house, oversaw an important project this
summer, finishing the pipe replacement project that started a
few years ago. New fresh water input pipes were installed then
by Art Tucker & Son Excavating, replacing ones from the early
1900s which were plugged with roots and constricted due to
oxidation and broken tiles.This final stage was for outgoing
waste water pipes, again
installed by Art Tucker. “They
have been very generous with
the GPHS,” Singelyn said.
“They are very civic-minded
people.” Singelyn added that
they were wonderful to work
with. “I hope they realize
how much we appreciate
Art Tucker’s generosity.
The Grosse Pointe Historical
Society works very hard for
our funding, so support like
this is really important.”
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