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Ms. Susan Allum
Ms. Marlene Harle
2010 Christmas Party
Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick
2010 Christmas Party
Mr. Joseph Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilkinson
Support of Grosse Pointe City Survey Project
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Woodhouse
2010 Christmas Party
In-Kind Donations
Mr. Doug Cordier
Time to prepare food for our 2011 Valentines Party
Mrs. Sally Cudlip
Documents of Muir Family
Hat worn by Elizabeth Muir at wedding of Helen Joy Lee
Original photograph of wedding party of Helen Joy Lee
Mr. and Mrs. E. Donaldson
History of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Alumni Perspective (Fall 1982) of
University Liggett School
Grosse Pointe Soccer Association
Yearsbooks and 1974-75 Team Rosters
Mr. Mark Garmo (Village Food Market)
Wine for the wine tasting at our 2011 Valentines Party
Ms. Jackie Kalogerakos
Martin Luther manuscripts and memorabilia
Mr. James Lloyd
S.A.E. Handbook – 1931 Edition
Mr. Herman Mozer
Seven photographs depicting installation of Slate Chalk Board at Provencal-Weir House
Ms. Valerie Naughton
Genealogy Documents of Cadieux Family
Mrs. John Park
Photos of Stores on Mack Avenue from the Estate of Wally Toles (Toles Real Estate)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Weyhing
School District Artifacts, Real Estate Information and Photos,
Anecdotal Family Memories
Mrs. Peggy Woodhouse
Grosse Pointe High School Viewpoints and Miscellaneous documents
Thank You to Our 2011 Donors
Herm Mozer is admittedly a bit of a scavenger. His house
on Maumee, once the carriage house on the John and Anna
Dwyer Estate (now Lakeland Ave,) is full of materials and
resources he got from houses and buildings in Grosse Pointe
and Detroit that were
being torn down. He has
dedicated himself to
restoring this house, where
he has lived since 1968,
using much of these items.
“I didn’t have any money
and I needed materials,”
Mozer said. Also, he didn’t
want these good materials
thrown out. “I knew
someday somebody would
want them. Everything
I’ve scavenged has gone
to good use.”
Some of Mozer’s most
interesting finds were whole
pieces of slate from chalk boards at the old Maybee School
on Oakland Ave. in Highland Park, which he got when the
building was being torn down about 20 years ago. (Mozer was
working at the Highland Park Chrysler Plant as an automotive
engineer at the time.) The slate is about 3/8” thick and has a
specially ground face that can be written on with chalk.
“This is really neat stuff and I didn’t want to cut it up into
pieces,”Mozer said. So he kept the slate in tact in his home
until a few months ago, when it was installed in the GPHS
One-Room School House.
“It is wonderful to have genuine slate chalk boards in our
schoolroom,” said Education Director Izzy Donnely. “It really
adds to the authenticity of the experience! We are so grateful to
Herm for thinking of us and for hauling it up here.The instal-
lation was no easy task.”
Herm enlisted the help of his bricklayer, Harold Burgett,
to carry the approximately 200-pound piece of slate up the
“I knew someday it would find a good home,” he said. “I’m
thrilled it was our own Provencal Weir house.”
Authentic Slate Chalk Boards
Installed in One-Room Schoolhouse
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