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This May and June will bring many schools to the
Provencal-Weir House for their spring field trips. Over 20
classes are coming to visit our One-Room School. Some are
return visitors and others are newcomers.The children will
wear our period costumes, get a tour of the house (for first
time visitors), and have classes in the One-Room School.
Studies will be based on our state-approved curriculum and
include reading out of our McGuffy readers, writing on slate
boards, arithmetic and finish with a spelling bee.The winners
of this year’s spelling bee will be able to select a vintage toy
out of our Labelle Country Store for a prize. Lunch will be
eaten outside (weather permitting) and the children will be
able to play with our updated vintage toys.
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society is bringing back its
popular summer series for children, Ribbon Farm Days.
Give your children (or grandchildren) an opportunity
to experience what Grosse Pointe summers were like for
children in the 1800s. Polly Wolly Doodle your way to soap
making, dyeing cotton fabric with berries and flowers,
weaving, hand sewing, candle making, walks after lunch and
playing with vintage toys. Imagine what it was like for boys
and girls to live in one of Grosse Pointes original Ribbon
Farm homes.
Four separate two-week sessions will take place at the
Provencal-Weir House
c. 1823 in June, July and August,
providing arts and crafts, storytelling, vintage games, baking,
and singing songs of yesterday. Come and join the fun!
Session I – June 21, 23, 28, and 30
Make soap in various colors and molds, bake homemade
cornbread from scratch adorned with churned (shaken) fresh
butter and Michigan honey, make a coil ceramic dish/vase,
squeeze fresh grapefruit for a refreshing beverage and then
learn the history of the Provencal-Weir House.
Session II – July 5, 7, 12, and 14
Sew your own moccasins, make Cinnamon Peach Crisp
with fresh Michigan peaches and real whipped cream, do a
buffalo hide painting, make fresh limeade, and learn about the
Fox Indian Battle at Windmill Pointe in Grosse Pointe Park.
Session III – July 19, 21, 26, and 28
Dip beeswax candles, make Blueberry
Crisp from scratch with Michigan
blueberries, trim a quill pen to write
with and make your own dye for ink,
prepare fresh pink lemonade, and learn
what school and life was like for pioneer
children in the 1800’s.
Session IV – August 2, 4, 9, and 11
Dye yarn using berries, herbs and other items from nature,
make fresh Cherry Cobbler with Michigan grown cherries,
do a weaving with the dyed yarn, paint a snake gourd, make
fresh pink lemonade and learn the history of the Grosse
Pointe’s Ribbon Farms.
two week
session is for children ages around 7 to 10 yrs.
All sessions are onTuesdays andThursdays from 11:00 am
to 3:00 pm.
must bring their own bag lunches.
An assortment of
snacks and refreshments will be served daily.
FEE: Members $160, Non-members $180. All fees are
per child/session.
you sign up for 2 sessions, the
session will be
$135.00 for members, $155.00 for non-members.
you sign up for three and/or four sessions the
session (on top of signing up for sessions I & II) fee
will be $125.00 for members and $145.00 for non-members
for sessions III & IV.
Please call GPHS for more information at (313)-884-7010.
Children Experience One-Room School
Ribbon Farm Days 2011
Dyed cotton strands hanging to dry RFD 2010
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