GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 42

The Kresge Foundation
Louisa St. Clair Chapter, NSDAR
Junior League Gardeners
Mrs. Kay Agney, Higbie Maxon Agney Realtors
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gandelot
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harle
Mr. Herman Mozer
Mrs. Patricia Colett
More faces – I have saw
Program, “The Merry Go Round of 1936”
Mrs. Patricia Cosgrove
Four old-fashioned bread pans, ladle, small black frying pan
Mr. and Mrs. John Conway
Architectural drawings of residence of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Drake on Windmill Pointe Drive
Mr. Ric Geyer
Blueprints, building drawings and letters related
to construction of 1100 Buckingham Road
Mr. Robert Hackathorn
Marble corner from fireplace at Torrey House
(torn down in the early 1960s)
Handwritten letters from Mrs. C.A. Dean
and typed transcript of the letters
Thank You, Donors
Mrs. Suzanne M. Karle
Abstract of Hollywood Sub-Division
Abstract and Title of $6,000 Deed
Blue Prints of 1470 and 1454 Hollywood
Ms. Sue Roncker
Membership roster of the Suburbia Garden Club
Ms. Anne Silver
Hand-drawn women on Hotel Gotham Stationary
Mr. Hal Smith
Booklet, “Here,There and Everywhere!”
Five Christmas Cards from Judy and Bob Kanzler
Mrs. Elizabeth Soby
In Detroit …Courage was Fashion,
by Alice Tarbell Crathern
Grosse Pointe Puzzle and the game Grosse Pointopoly
24 piece Wm. Rogers silver plated silverware set
Mrs. Eric VanderHagen
Leather-bound scrapbook from Cercle Dramatique
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Weyhing
School District Artifacts, real estate information, blueprints,
Anecdotal family memories
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society is constantly growing and
sometimes updates need to be made to accommodate such growth.
Our top researchers, Pam Scanlon and Susan Bologna, know
this all too well and made a couple of great suggestions for the
Resource Center. By carefully rearranging some of our drafting
file cabinets we were able to create a lighted work station with
enough space to view our rare, oversized books.These fragile books
need to be handled very carefully and having a work station now
allows us to view these books with more ease and efficiency.
New at the Alfred B.
and Ruth S. Moran
Resource Center
Our indispensable handy man,
Phil Filkin, helps us re-organize
the Resource Center
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