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This article is taken from the Neighborhood Club Scrapbook
by Mrs. Chas. F. Dodenhoff, July 7, 1965. Gift of Mrs. Ellis
Merry 4/1984
In 1927 the Board of Directors decided to expand the
Neighborhood Club and the Community Fund granted
us permission to organize a campaign to raise money to
build the present Neighborhood Club. Mr. D. M. Ferry Jr.
donated eight acres on which the present bldg. is located.
The money raising campaign was very successful with
the exception of about $2000.00, which was needed for
furnishings. Mrs. Russell A. Alger, who was President of
the Board of Director at the time, suggested that we hold
a rummage sale in the gymnasium to raise the necessary
deficit. A large committee of interested people was orga-
nized and within a very short time enough articles had
been collected to fill the gymnasium.
Following a publicity campaign a two-day sale was
held. It was so successful that the doors had to be closed at
intervals in order to maintain order and serve the crowd.
This first sale liquidated the deficit.This venture was such
a success it was decided to continue holding rummage
sales thereby establishing a reserve fund.
A year later plans were made to organize a permanent
rummage sale and the board room at the Neighborhood
Club was transformed into a sales room. Later, the build-
ing that houses the present Grosse Pointe Branch of the
Post Office was secured as headquarters for the Thrift
Shop, in order to relieve the overcrowded facilities of the
Neighborhood Club.The name at that time was changes
to the Neighborhood ClubThrift Shop.
The Neighborhood ClubThrift Shop occupied the
Post Office Building for approximately two years. At that
time, the present Thrift Shop Building was owned by the
Neighborhood Club and was being used by the Public
Library.The Library was offered larger quarters by the
Board of Education, which they accepted, and promptly
moved. It was then decided by the Neighborhood Club
Thrift Shop to use this building as their permanent
site thereby bringing about a closer consolidation of
Neighborhood Club interests.
The Louisa St. Clair Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution honored Izzy Donnelly, Education
Director with their
Women in American History
award on
March 17, for her children’s educational programs
held at the PWH.These include School field trips, scout
visitations, RFDs and her Second Saturday events.
Regent Grace Bliss Smith sent Izzy’s award to the
Michigan State Regent for review and it was approved
to be sent to Nationals. Results should be in by June.
The Origins of the
Neighborhood Club Thrift Shop
DAR Gives Award
Session I
June 19, 21, 26, 28
11-3:00 p.m.
Registration deadline: June 12th.
• Build an indoor Fairy Garden with a planter, dirt, plants,
stones, furniture and fairies.
• Make bridges, doors and planters with Fimo clay for the
• Squeeze fresh lemonade.
• Make Candles-votive.
• Create Tin Lanterns to hang in your garden on warm
summer nights.
• Learn about the orchards on the Grosse Pointe Ribbon
• Make homemade pear strudel with our own whipped cream.
Session II
July 10, 12, 17, 19
11-3 p.m.
Registration deadline: July 3
• Assemble and paint windmill.
• Make Musical instruments.
• Squeeze fresh orange juice.
• Make homemade vests and adorn with thread and beads.
• Learn the history of the Fox Indian Massacre in 1712 at
Windmill Pointe.
• Make our own butter and serve with homemade cornbread.
Session III
July 24, 26, 31, Aug. 2
11-3 p.m.
Registration deadline: July17
• Dye fabric or yarn with boiled berries and herbs.
• Weave a wall tapestry with the dyed fabric or yarn.
• Sew a fabric doll (male or female).
• Paint the fabric and sew the clothes.
• Squeeze fresh lemonade.
• Learn the story of the ribbon farms in Grosse Pointe.
• Make fresh pancakes with syrup and homemade butter.
Children bring their own lunches. Fee is $160.00 per session
for members; $180.00 per session for non members.
For more information contact Izzy at 313-884-7010 or
2012 Ribbon Farm Days
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