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(This article is taken from information on the SOC website,
Since 1978, Services for Older Citizens has been helping
seniors remain in their own home with dignity.Today, SOC
serves 9,000 of the 11,000 seniors in our community each year.
But in 34 years of serving the community, SOC was outgrow-
ing its facilities and the need for a building that has adequate
space for the programs the seniors need was becoming evident.
SOC’s vision is a simple one--to continue to provide the
best services to seniors living in the Grosse Pointes and Harper
Woods communities.To realize this vision, SOC was gifted a
lease for $1.00 on a 10,000 sq. ft. facility for the next 30 years
- the beautiful, historic Newberry House on Ridge Road in
Grosse Pointe Farms adjacent to Cottage Hospital.This
generous donation by Henry Ford Health System will
dramatically transform senior services in the Grosse Pointes
and Harper Woods by providing more space for programs
while also making sure that SOC will remain economically
Currently an estimated $3 million restoration of the
Newberry House is taking place.The new facility will include:
• A lobby with a (volunteer) receptionist
• A dedicated dining/banquet room available for SOC
activities and community events
• A fully functional kitchen
• Several multi-purpose activity rooms adaptable to exercise
and yoga classes, crafts, educational classrooms for lectures
and computer classes
• A media
• A safe,
welcoming place to have coffee, play cards and sit in
comfortable chairs with a friend at all hours of the day
• Private offices for social workers
• Increased office space to accommodate 100% more
volunteers than SOC can currently have at any given time.
The new home on Ridge Road will vastly enhance SOC’s
ability to improve its programming. Current programs offered
monthly will be offered weekly, including:
• Teas
• Birthday celebrations
• Theme weeks
• Educational programs
• Special Workshops
Current programs offered weekly will be offered daily.
This will include:
• Computer classes
• Lunch five days a week instead of four
• Trips
• Wii tournaments
As many people know, the Newberry House was at one
time a nurses’ residence. SOC is asking anyone with memories
or photos of their time spent at the home to call them.
SOC is currently operating in the Henry Ford Medical
Center – Cottage, 159 Kercheval on the 3rd floor. For more
information, call 882-6900.
The Parish House on St. Paul’s property has a wonderful rich history.
Below are two letters describing the origins of this property.
Letter fromE. Lewis
These houses were built in the late 1800s, maybe 1890.The one on the left,
Alexander C. Lewis, my grandfather, lived in it until he died in 1908.Then it
was sold to Edwin Scott Barbour and years later sold to Mrs. Barbour’s nephew Byrus Henry. St. Paul Catholic Church, 157 Lake Shore Drive, G. P. F.
purchased it in about 1930? It is now the parish house for the church.The other house on the right belonged to my father A. Aug. Lewis where we lived until
he died in 1919. It was then sold about 1927 to Mrs. John Wendell Anderson who had it torn down about 1930.The property is now owned by the Church.
I hope this bit of information will be of some help.
Sincerely, E. Lewis
Letter fromAnnette Remick
House on 151 Lake Shore Road. In the Burton abstract #301371, my grandfather, Alexander Lewis, purchased this property in 1854 fromThomas W.
Lewis, a relative. (Brother I think) My grandfather built these two houses with the bridge on top. (When, I do not know). He lived with our family on the
one on the right, next to the church, and “gave” the other each summer to a different son or daughter, Muir, Currie, Carpenter, Henry B. Lewis families. Later
my father, Ingersoll Lewis bought both houses from our Lewis Estate, and then the insurance company made him remove the bridge as it was a fire risk. We
lived for years in the house on the right, later selling the other house to Edwin Barbour, in about 1922. Mrs. Barbour’s father was then living next door to our
property-Mr. Albert Henry, father of Burns Henry and Edith Henry Barbour.
After renting this house of our on Ridge Road from the Deans for 22 years I have just bought it – so am now, once again back on old Lewis property,
where I used to come with my pony cart, as a child – it was all fields and a lovely violet filled swamp then!
Annette Remick
Services for Older Citizens
A Home of thier Own
Lewis Mansion/Parish House
at St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Newberry House
Lewis Mansion
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