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Thank You, Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beadle
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Danielson
Fox Creek Questers #216
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy III from the
McGregor Fund Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rands III
Mrs. Paula Sutton Sarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Solak, in honor
of Lisa Mower Gandelot
Mrs. Frances L. Schonenberg, in honor
of Jean Dodenhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Thomas
Thomas R. Brown, Grosse Pointe
Sprinkler System
Art Tucker, Inc.
Thanks also to Thomas R. Singelyn for arranging
for these two in-kind donations
Susan Boynton
recently retired from 25-plus
years as a docket analyst with the Michigan
Supreme Court and later the Wayne County
Circuit Court. Before that, she taught English at
Parcells. She has worked as a political consult-
ant in Wayne county elections and is active in
many community organizations.
Stuart Grigg
is the owner and president of Grigg
Graphic Services, a marketing communications
company specializing in health care and non-
profit clients. He has also been a managing part-
ner in W.J. Bell Properties, which owned,
restored and rented historic homes in Detroit’s
West Village neighborhood.
Kiki Herfert
became involved in the Grosse
Pointe Historical Society after using the
Resource Center to research her senior thesis,
“A History of Grosse Pointe Park,” for Wayne
State University a few years ago. Her work expe-
rience includes management and training of
office staff and software support professionals.
Claudia Fabiano Shannon
has had marketing
and finance positions on the staffs of former
Senator Spencer Abraham and former Governor
John Engler as well as with the Michigan
Republican Party. She is currently a chairperson
of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s
fundraising drive.
John Stevens
founded and successfully ran his
own architectural practice for 25 years in
Detroit and he remains a member of the
American Institute of Architects. Sailing has
been his passion for many years and he has won
numerous races. He was recently elected to the
Grosse Pointe City Council.
Robert Wood, Jr.,
runs the Robert Wood &
Associates residential design firm. He worked for
Pulte Home Corp. designing homes and commu-
nities in the United States, Mexico, and
Argentina. His work has been featured in
Traditional Homes
Better Homes &
From the President
2004 was a busy time at the Grosse
Pointe Historical Society. Hundreds
of people from school children to
seniors attended events, did research at the
Resource Center, came to lectures, and partici-
pated in workshops. They learned about our
history, met friends with common interests,
and just plain had fun. It was a great year!
I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you
these activities are funded mainly through pri-
vate contributions from individuals and foun-
dations. We are a local organization supported
mostly by local people who value the enrich-
ment of this community. Your support of the
Annual Appeal is essential to our operation.
Please help us preserve the history of our
remarkable community. A successful Annual
Appeal will ensure that we can continue creat-
ing programs and events that celebrate and
commemorate our treasured past. To con-
tribute, please call 884-7010.
Lisa Mower Gandelot
, President
Meet the New Board Members
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