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Mr. and Mrs. J. Addison Bartush
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Bloom
Grosse Pointe Questers
Catharine J. Farley, in memory of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Farley
Mr. Harvey C. Fruehauf, Jr.; The Fruehauf Foundation
Girl Scouts of Metro Detroit, Troop 2590
Lisa Mower Gandelot and Jon Gandelot
in memory of Alfred and Ruth Moran
in memory of Janice Wenzel Rehmann
in memory of Mike Skinner’s mother
Mr. and Mrs. John Graffius, in memory of
Charles R. Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. John Graffius, in memory of Alfred and
Ruth S. Moran
Trustees of the Grosse Pointe Historical Society,
in memory of Alfred and Ruth S. Moran
Mrs. Susan Guleserian
Alice Kales Hartwick Foundation
The Julius & Cynthis Huebner Foundation
Mrs. Roger W. Hull
Mrs. Catherine Kegler, in memory of Phil Blanchard
Pettipointe Questers #243
Ms. Cynthia Singelyn, in memory of Jan Rehmann
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Singelyn, DDS,
in honor of Lisa Mower Gandelot
Dr. and Thomas E. Singelyn, DDS, in memory of
Alfred and Ruth S. Moran
Mrs. Karla Behr Standish, in memory of Phil Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. David Sloss
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Ulrich
Charles R.Whitney Foundation
Correction from the last Moorings: Our apologies to
Mrs. John Hendrie for our error.
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society has taken a decided-
ly modern approach to history with the launch of its new
website, History buffs and interested
residents are invited to log-on to find a wide variety of
information about the history of this region and about
activities sponsored by the Society.
The website features a contemporary design by Jay
Hunter that is easy to navigate. Visitors have access to
many photos and drawings from the archives, articles and
other information about Grosse Pointe, a list of current
Society events which is regularly updated, details on how
to become a member, and even a copy of the quarterly
newsletter, the Moorings.
“The new website is a way to give people unlimited access
to the resources of the Grosse Pointe Historical Society at
their convenience,” said curator Suzy Berschback. “We
have been collecting materials for 60 years and now we
have a channel to share them with the community while
continuing to preserve the originals.”
Highlights of the site include:
• Selections from the 1886 publication Grosse Pointe
on Lake Sainte Claire by Silas Farmer (one of the
Society’s most valuable documents), with text and
many photographs.
• Legends of Grosse Pointe including werewolves and
goblins that haunted the lakeshore.
The new design is the first of a three-phase project. The
Society hopes to expand the website even further with
interactive maps, a historical scavenger hunt, an on-line
grade school curriculum developed with the one-room
schoolhouse project, and more photographs. Anyone
interested in supporting this project can earmark a dona-
tion for “Website Development.”
Log on to New Website:
Thank you to our Donors
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