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Revellers enjoyed the
Silvery Moon Party
“By the Light of the Silvery Moon,”was a major
sheet music hit for the Jerome H. Remick & Co, music
publisher. The song lyric provided the theme for the
Summer Party, June 15 held in the home Albert Kahn
designed for Remick in 1927.
And although it was a beautiful starry evening,
Grosse Pointe Historical Society featured its own moon
reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s.
“It was like taking a step back in time,” said Kay
Agney, co-chair.
Music was provided in the garden byThe Balduck
Mountain Ramblers and in the Great Room by Jack
McCormick at the piano and song stylist,
Jeanne Bourget.
“When you were in the Great Room,
you could just imagine all people who had
gathered there before to hear music and
enjoy each other’s company. It was really
very special,” said Elizabeth Vogel, co-chair.
The home on Ridge Road was painstak-
ingly restored by its current owner and our
host, David Montgomery.
Dr. Cheryl Wesen and Dr. Richard Baumgarten
enjoying the garden.
Susan and Jonathan Hartz by the “Light of the Silvery Moon.”
Elizabeth Vogel and Mike Woolsey
Geoff Spencer and Gina Hanson
Alex Billiu and Ryan McCormick
George Jerome, Maud Lyon, Joe Katulic and Ann Jerome
Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery and
David Montgomery, our hosts for the evening.
Jeanne Bourget and Jack McCormick provided music in the Great Room.
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