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To make an event like an evening at the Charles Remick house possible, the Grosse
Pointe Historical Society depends on the generosity of people in the community who
donate their time and talent. We are grateful for their continuing support. For 2012
the Grosse Pointe Historical Society thanks the following:
Gold Level Sponsors – $2500+
Molly and Mark Valade
Silver Level Sponsors – $1,000 - $2499
Sponsors for
“By the Light of the Silvery Moon”
For their time and generous gifts, we thank the following:
Beaumont Health Systems
Carolyn Candler
and Charles Leahy
Charles R. Whitney Foundation
Gandelot & Associates
Maud Lyon and David Tarrant
Richard and Jane Manoogian
Talmer Bank
Bronze Level Sponsors – $500 - $999
Dr. Cheryl Wesen and
Dr. Richard Baumgarten
Linda and George Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Liggett, Jr.
Mary Northcutt and
Michael Goodell
Jane Nugent
RJL Systems, Inc.
Other Sponsors
Judy and Randolph Agley
Lynn and Paul Alandt
Patricia and Peter Bologna
Susan and Denis Bouchard
Gloria and Fred Clark
Patricia and Gary Colett
Jay Fitzgerald
Grigg Graphic Services
Grosse Pointe Florist
The Grosse Pointe News
Hour Detroit
Harry Kurtz
Lucido’s Florist
John F. Martin Photography
Jack McCormick
David Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nahra
Gail Sidlek
Elizabeth and Brian Connors
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lewis Cooper, Jr.
Carol and Tom Cracchiolo
Nancy and John Donnelly
Robert Everett
Kay Felt
Sandra and Mark Fossee
Ann and Larry Garberding
Anne and George Kordas
Georgeanne Le Duc
Helga and Rudy Liedtke
Albert Mackey
Ralph C. Wilson Foundation
Sybil Scotford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sfire
Paul Simon
Dr. and Mrs. John Williams
Wine Donations
Susan Budrys and
Susan Lewandowski
Diane and Doug Dossin
Debbie and John Graffius
Susan and Jonathan Hartz
Kathleen Kelly and
Greg Jakub
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Higbie
Lori and Sergio Mazza
David Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peebles
Diane and Tom Schoenith
Gail Sidlek
Scott Vandemergel
Village Wine Shop
Elizabeth Vogel
Peggy and John Woodhouse
Michael Woolsey
Kathy Conlon
Geri Day
Katie Ecclestone
Laura Filkin
Phil Filkin
Marlene Harle
Bonnie Medura
Athena Pappas
Debbie Voorhees
• historic Indian Village highlighting the prominent auto-
baron homes from the turn of the century;
• A 30-minute tour of Lawrence Fisher’s private mansion;
• Grosse Pointe Wine Shop building;
• wine and cheese afterglow.
Three departure-time options are available for the bus tour on
Oct. 27: 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m.The coach boards at the Ewald
Branch of the Grosse Pointe Library, 15175 E. Jefferson.
Registration is $20 and seating is limited to 25 registrants
per tour. Make reservations by calling 313-884-7010.
Men, Horses, And Machines
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