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What’s New on The Web
Summer Cottages
of the late 1880s
Summer’s here and the living is
easy…but it was really easy
for the summer
residents of
Grosse Pointe
in the 1880s.
The latest addition
to our website is a
virtual tour of the
summer “cottages”
along Lakeshore that
had their heyday at the
end of the 19th century.
The 29 images are taken
from a scrapbook kept by
Lewis Maire and include the Hinchman
Boathouse, the Joseph H. Berry
residence, and the Grosse Pointe Country Club.
Also shown are permanent residences, churches
and schools.
Just go to, “mouse over” the
link at the top-center of the home page, and click
on the link “A Tour of Lake Shore…”
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society awarded three high
school seniors the Clayton Walker Evans Educational
Scholarship. The students are selected each year by con-
sulting the History Departments of their high schools.
The scholarship was founded in 1993 in memory of
Evans who had been an active president of the Society
for many years.
Pictured are GPHS Scholarship Committee Chair
Danielle DeFauw (left) and students Arnav Moudgil of
Grosse Pointe North, Foster Chamberlin of Grosse Pointe
South, and James Robert Baubie of University Liggett.
Intern Satisfies Personal
Interest in History
For the past few months, the Grosse Pointe Historical
Society has been very fortunate to have the services of
intern Amy Silverston.
The 24-year-old history
buff has been organizing
photographs and helping
out with general office
duties. Her latest project
has been researching pho-
tos for the Society’s up-
coming online exhibit,
“Auto Barons of Grosse
“History has always been
my favorite subject. I like
knowing how life was
back then, what people
were doing and the differ-
ent levels of society,” she said.
When Silverston returned home to Grosse Pointe Shores
after graduating from the University of Vermont with a
degree in biology and psychology, she went online to see
if there was a historical organization here. She found the
Society’s website,, which was solicit-
ing volunteers.
Working at the Resource Center has given Silverston a
crash course in old Grosse Pointe. “I was flabbergasted by
what is here,” she said. “I love looking at pictures of the
houses and families and how they lived. I love looking at
the old clothing.”
The Civil War and World War II are of particular
interest to Silverston. She was fascinated to find some
letters from a Grosse Pointe battalion fighting in the
Civil War.
This fall, Silverston moves on to attend law school at
Roger Williams University. She plans to use her love of
history in her profession and encourages others to stop
in the Resource Center and see what we have.
“It opens your eyes to see where Grosse Pointe came
from,” she said. “There was such a neighborhood-family
feel back then. I think we can learn through history how
to keep Grosse Pointe a close-knit community.”
Not yet a member?
For information on joining the GPHS,
visit and select the
link “Join the Society, Membership.”
Evans Scholarships Awarded
Intern Amy Silverston
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