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Politics, religion, horse-racing, and money combined
to change Detroit’s horse culture into the present-day
automobile era.
How this happened is explained during a two-hour
historical adventure on Saturday, Oct. 27, when the Village
of Fairview Historical Society presents a unique bus tour of
an area that helped shape the Detroit of the 20th century.
Founded in 1903, the Village of Fairview stretches from
Alter Road to Water Works Park.
Organized by Moira Mahoney, director of development
withThe Village of Fairview Historical Society and Nick
Sinacori, president of The Village of Fairview Historical
Society, highlights of the Fairview tour include:
• the original horse-racing and automotive alley of the
early 1900s;
• original sites of the Detroit Jockey Club and Detroit
Driving Club;
• an ancient Indian burial ground – site of the Sauk and
Fox Indian Massacre
• homes of Belgian, Arts & Crafts and River-Rock
architectural influence near Harbor Island;
Men, Horses, And Machines
A Journey through Automotive and Horse-racing History
Making a contribution to the Grosse Pointe Historical Society
supports a wide range of activities. Financial contributions allow the
Society to improve the Resource Center and the Provencal-Weir
House. Memorabilia contributions add to our collections and
our knowledge of our shared history.
2011 Annual Appeal
Mr. Daniel Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cordier
Mrs. William L. Drennen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathews
Ms. Elizabeth Soby
Alice Kales Hartwick Foundation
City of Grosse Pointe Farms
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy III
McGregor Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Skinner
In Memory of
Stuart W. Grigg in memory of Kiki Herfert
Sharon Renken in memory of Kiki Herfert
Jill Sweeny in memory of Kiki Herfert
Gifts to the Resource Center
Suzy Berschback
First Varsity Letter from Grosse Pointe High School (ca. 1928)
Charles DuCharme
Photos of Family Descendants
Helen P. Gilbride
17 Phone Registers
Ben Gravel
Pamphlet on 203 Cloverly Road, Grosse Pointe Farms
Detroit Free Press Article “A house ahead of its time”
Jay Hunter
Framed Picture of the Alexander Lewis Cottage
in Grosse Pointe
Thank you Donors
John Kolbus
3-Set Atlas of Wayne County
Ronald T. Konopka
Two Color Photographs (4” x 6”) of Diorama
Richard Lambrecht
Grosse Pointe Farms Filtration Plant & Pumping Station
Dedication Program
Helen Leonard
James T. Whittaker, MD of Cincinnati
The Physiologic Experiments of Dr. William Beaumont
Zina Pitcher, MD – 1797-1872
The Second Mile by Alfred H. Whittaker, MD
Alfred Heacock Whittaker, MD – 11 pages typed manuscripts
Marilynn Magreta
Fancy Grosse Pointe People
Books of Matches from Grosse Pointe Restaurants: Golden Lion,
the Bronze Door,The Old Place, On the Hill
Shirley Peppler
Antique Washboard and Rug Beater
Madeline Quirk
Booklet “Michigan Women - February, 1930”
Sara Malcolmson Ralph
Detroit’s Coming of Age – 1873 to 1973
50th Anniversary of the Historic Vehicle Society – Special Events
Guide 2004
Two Classic Automobile Registers – Aug/Sep 1998, and
Oct/Nov 1998
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Skinner
DAC News – 50th Anniversary (1915 – 1965)
The Robert Hudson Tannahill Gifts to the Detroit Institute of Arts
The Flatfish – World’s Most Active Lure
Mrs. Laura Spanski
58 Glass Photographs from the Estate of her mother Kiki Herfert
Donations to Programs
Tom Giftos
Coney Island Hot Dogs
Dr. Frank Bicknell Lecture, April 18, 2012
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