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New Board Members
Douglas Dossin
Doug is a resident of Grosse Pointe Farms and a graduate of Grosse Pointe North High School. His family has strong
ties to the area. Two Detroit institutions are named for his family: the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle and
Dossin Elementary School. His great love for Detroit history led him to earn a B.A. in history from Valparaiso
University. He was employed by Standard Federal, where he became their Vice President of Operations, and then
Franklin Bank, where he worked in their branch system. He is currently a private investor. He and his wife have
two children.
Amy DeWys-VanHecke
Amy is a museum educator, grant and funding consultant and was the curator of education at the Detroit Historical
Museum from 1996-2004. She is also a principal of the ASA Consulting Group. Additionally, she has extensive
experience producing museum curriculum materials. Amy holds an undergraduate degree in archeology and a graduate
degree in anthropology/museum studies and has completed doctoral work in educational leadership. She is an adjunct
instructor at Henry Ford Community college. She and husband, John, have two children and live in Grosse Pointe.
Josephine (Jo) Malecek
Jo, who served on the GPHS board before, is a hard-working, hands-on volunteer. She is a garden expert who has
recently been beautifying the environment around the Provencal-Weir House. Jo has many years’ experience of volun-
teerism and has been a devoted supporter of the Society. She helped organize the Society’s first “Sounds of Christmas”
fund raiser in 1988. Jo has been a nurse for many years at Henry Ford Hospital. Her husband and one of their two
daughters have also served on the GPGS board.
Then & Now
Here Comes Santa Claus
For 31 years, Santa Claus has been escorted to his post in
the Village by a parade down Kercheval Ave, sponsored by
the Village Association. It started in 1975 in the pouring
rain with a home-made sleigh and only a handful of groups
participating. A highlight was both the Grosse Pointe South
and Grosse Pointe North marching bands. The parade
today has close to one hundred floats, marching bands, and
community groups. Santa even got a new luxury sleigh last
year. Over the years, groups have endured all kinds of
weather—downpours, freezing sleet, and blissful sun-
shine—but never once has the parade been canceled.
Grand marshals have included Mort Crim, Ernie Harwell,
and Kermit the Frog with Miss Piggy. Favorite marchers
have included the Detroit mounted police, the Budweiser
Clydesdale horses, and the Minivan Moms. This year’s
parade, with its theme “Join the Team,” takes place on
Friday, November 24, at 10:00 a.m.
Santa’s Sleigh, 1975
Santa’s Sleigh, 2004
Look at NOW...WOW!
Donations for One Room School House
Grosse Pointe Questers # 147 for school room supplies
In Honor of Denyse and Tom Singelyn’s 50th
Lisa and Jon Gandelot
In Memory of Adele Huebner
Mrs. Gerard Mooney
In Memory of Elma L. Claycomb
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Beaubien
Gardening Tools and Supplies for the Provencal-Weir
Mrs. Robert M. Malecek
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