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Christ Church Grosse Pointe
61 Grosse Pointe Blvd.
Christ Church Grosse Pointe was a mission of Christ
Church Detroit. The present church was designed as the
chapel of what was planned to be a much larger cathedral.
Work was started in 1928. The architects were Mayers,
Murphy and Phillips of Betram Grosvenor Goodhue
Associates of New York who also designed Christ Church
Cranbrook. The church is built like those of the middle
ages. There are no nails, just wooden pegs; no plaster, just
stone and mortar.
The Narthex, with its great curving stairway, was designed
in the manner of the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral in
Somerset, England, build in 1077. The Cloister, which was
not enclosed until 1957, was inspired by Canterbury
Cathedral. The fine stained-glass windows were made by Willet & Sons of Philadelphia and the church boasted an organ
built and installed by Casavant Freres of Quebec.
The architects chose sandstone from the quarries at Clearville, PA for the exterior because of its iridescence in the sun-
light. Grey limestone from Indiana was chosen for the inside because it was restful. The floor is also sandstone.
Because the church is one of the few built during the Depression, many outstanding artisans were available to beautify
it with intricate wood carving and detailed stonework. The year 2000 brought about the completion of the 32,000-
square-foot Christian Education Wing and five new stained-glass windows, designed by Willet & Sons, were installed.
Historic Bronze Marker Awarded
What’s New on the Web
In his article, “The Best Twelve
Country Houses in America:
Drybrook,” published in
Country Life
in America
magazine in 1915, noted
architectural writer Henry H. Saylor
discussed in detail the Grosse Pointe
Farms home of Truman H. Newberry.
The house was designed by
Trowbridge and Ackerman with land-
scape architecture by William Pitkin,
Jr., and built around 1914. The
entire article, text and pictures, can
be found on the website.
Also new on the website are selected
articles from
Tonnancour: Life in
Grosse Pointe along the Shores of Lake
St. Clair, Volume 2
, edited by Arthur
M. Woodford. The articles are
courtesy of the Ruffner family.
Tonnancour Volumes 1
available for purchase at the
Society’s office or on the website
under the link Grosse Pointe Goods.
The following articles can be
• “Detroit in 1796,” by Isaac Weld
• “A County is Proclaimed: The
Founding of Wayne County and
Grosse Pointe Township,” by
Clarence M. Burton
• “Grosse Pointe’s First Settlers:
From Whence Did They Come?”,
by Jean Dodenhoff
• “Grosse Pointe and Le Grande
Marais,” by Mina Humphrey
• “The Hall Family of ‘Tonnancour,’”
by Thomas W. Brunk
• “Early Days in Grosse Pointe,” by
Friend Palmer
• “The Wardwell House: A Legacy of
Old Grosse Pointe,” by Henry
• “John S. Newberry and James H.
McMillan: Leaders of Industry and
Commerce,” by Thomas A.
• “A Beacon of Tradition: The
Building of The Grosse Pointe
Yacht Club,” by James P.
• “Yachts of The Auto Barons,” by
John F. Polacsek
• “The Game of Golf Comes to
Grosse Pointe: The Founding of
The Country Club of Detroit,” by
David Robb
• “Movies at The Punch: A History of
The Punch and Judy Theater,” by
Carrie Jones
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