GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 172

Grosse Pointe
Historical Society
established 1945
FALL 2006
Vol. 23, No.3
Major Gains for Local History
GPHS Helps Two Projects Preserve and Promote our Heritage
Library Puts Historical Materials On-Line
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society is assisting the Grosse Pointe Public Library in a major project, the Local
History Archives, designed to make historical research easier and more effective. The library is digitizing its
historical materials and has already made two full-text newspapers, the book
The Mansions of Grosse Pointe
, and
The Heritage Magazine
available electronically. The library’s website also now includes a link to the Society’s
website and vice versa.
The Society provided the library with some materials they were missing, including early Grosse Pointe newspapers
and missing
magazines and
Grosse Pointe News
issues. As the project moves into its next phase, the
Society has been asked to provide documents including maps, photos, certain rare books, and other manuscripts to
be scanned and digitized. This material will be available on both websites, according to Society curator Suzy
“We were thrilled to help facilitate in the sharing of historical material with the community,” Berschback said.
“That is key to our mission.”
Anyone with an internet connection can access the Local History Archives and retrieve historical materials.
Articles can be read in their original format, printed, downloaded, or e-mailed.
“Working together with other organizations is a good way to accomplish both our goals, while providing the
community the information they are looking for,” Berschback said. “This project is something the library has
funding to do right now and we do not. It’s a great way to pool resources.”
Cook Schoolhouse Saved
for Posterity
The Cook Schoolhouse, one of Grosse Pointe’s finest
historic landmarks, was saved for generations to come
this past summer when owner Mark Alan donated the
building to the City of Grosse Pointe Woods and real
estate developer Larry Campbell offered to cover the
cost of moving it off its original site on Mack Ave. to its
new home in Ghesquiere Park.
In its new location, the schoolhouse can be used for
different community events and programs, including
plans to be used for the historic one-room schoolhouse
experience currently run in the Provencal-Weir House.
“We are thrilled to be working with Grosse Pointe Woods
to bring the Cook Schoolhouse to life with our specially written curriculua for Grosse Pointe second through fifth
grades,” said Society President Stuart Grigg. “Now we can offer the program at two campuses. The fourth grade
curriculum is perfect for the Cook Schoolhouse.”
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Cook Schoolhouse, c. 1918
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