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Grosse Pointe Park
Celebrates Centennial
To celebrate its 100th birthday as a city, Grosse Pointe
Park has a number of events in the works. The first is a
Birthday Party on May 19 at Windmill Pointe Park
presided over by Mayor Palmer Heenan. The party is
complete with birthday cake and the release of 100 red,
white, and blue bio-degradable balloons. The event is
in conjunction with the Tailgate Treasures garage
sale/swap event (see article below) and the annual
Perennial Exchange.
Also planned are a classic car display, a guided bike tour
of the Windmill Pointe area, and the Palmer Heenan
Lecture series on Park history to begin in the fall. Details
on these and other events will be released as soon as they
are available.
Anyone with historically relevant items including photos;
neighborhood, street, and family histories; essays; and
papers can be sent to the City of Grosse Pointe Park,
15115 Jefferson, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230. Call
(313) 822-9199 or email for infor-
—Kiki Herfert
Chair, Centennial Volunteer Committee
Historical Society
Wish List
Call us at (313) 884-7010 if you can help us obtain any
of these items or sponsorship opportunities.
Dress-up closet repairs and additions, $200.
Printed curriculum materials to distribute to all
teachers of second-fifth grade, $500.
Two beaver fur hats, $160.
Old fashioned bucket for drinking water, $50.
Funds for curriculum development for sixth–twelfth
grades, $7,000.
Create hands-on exhibits for kids, $500.00
Native American exhibit, $1000.
Three old fashioned floor lamps, $150.
30 clipboards, $120.
Period curtains for house $5,000.
Storm windows, $5,000.
LCD projector for presentations and videos, $1000.
32" flat-screen TV for video presentation, $1000.
New porch, $10,000.
Grosse Pointe map design and printed guided
historical tour, $5,000 sponsor needed.
Funds to produce DVDs from our videos 1650 to
present, $5,000.
Archival supplies, photo jackets and folders, $500.
Storage containers, more space, $200.
A volunteer coordinator for our volunteers!
Garage Sale, May 19
Portions of this year’s Tailgate Treasures garage sale/swap
event at Windmill Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe Park will
benefit the Grosse Pointe Historical Society. The event
will take place on Saturday, May 19 from 8:30 a.m.-4:00
p.m. and will be open to Park residents as well as mem-
bers and friends of the Society. Please contact Kiki
Herfert at if you can help out at
the sale or if you have items to sell.
Have you always wanted to get more involved with the
Historical Society, but are not sure how?
Now, for the first time, interested Grosse Pointe Historical
Society members can serve on our board
committees to make use of their time and talents
on behalf of their community. If you have ideas
to share, contacts to help us, or just would like
to help make things happen, please contact us at
(313) 884-7010 or
Membership Committee
Recruiting new members
Plan membership events and activities
Public Relations Committe
Promotion of all GPHS programs and events
Brochures and print collateral materials
Development Committee
Identify grant sources
build relationships with funders
Write proposals
Prepare grant reports
Government funding
Conduct the annual fund campaign
Cultivate individual contributed support
Resource Center Committee
Overall responsibility to create public access
to historical information
Management of the Resource Center
Development of website exhibits
Collections Committee
Collections management (acquisitions,
policy, conservation)
Development of internet-based access to collections
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