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Mr. & Mrs. Frederick O. Neumann
in honor of Tish Colett
Mr. & Mrs. William Newnan
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Nicholson
Ms. Barbara Nickles in memory of
Michael Robert Nickles
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Niedbala
Ms. Anne S. Nowak in memory of
Mark C. Stevens
Jane & Robert Nugent
Mr. Peter Oldani
Mr. & Mrs. William Ouellette
Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Peebles
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Pegg
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Penoyar, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Kenneth Perry, Jr.
Ms. Sara J. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Michel J. Pilorget
Ms. Marian B. Potter
in memory of William Potter
Mrs. Sara M. Ralph
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Rands III
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ridder
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Rock
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Roney
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Rosen
in honor of Stuart Grigg
Mrs. Penny Rudolph
Mr. William M. Rutledge
Mr. & Mrs. Benedict P. Rybicki
Mrs. Sylvia S. Sanders
Mrs. H. R. Schemm
Dr. & Mrs. Klaus Schmidt
Mrs. Gloria F. Schmitt in memory of
Frederick R. Fletemeyer
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schollenberger
Mrs. Frances L. Schonenberg
Mr. James L. Schroth
Mr. Joseph Schwartz
Mr. Alexander Scotford
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd F. Simpson
Dr. & Mrs.Thomas E. Singelyn, DDS
in honor of Lisa Mower Gandelot
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Skinner
in honor of Lisa Mower Gandelot
Mr. Paul James Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. David Sloss
Ms. Myrna M. Smith
Mr.and Mrs. Steven T. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Soby
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Solak
Miss Angeline Speck
Miss Geraldine Speck
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Sprague
Mrs. Florence M. Stahl in memory of
Frank Sladen
Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Steiger
Mrs. Gail Stroh Marentette
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Strowger
Mrs. Charles C. Sullivan III
Ms. Mary A. Sullivan
Mrs. Robert Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt O. Tech
Mr. Louis Theros
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Thibodeau, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Thomas
Mrs. Pat Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Minert N. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Edward C. Turner
Mrs. Richard H. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Valade
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Vallee
Mrs. Mary Ann Van Elslander in
honor of Sister Verenice McQuade
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Vincent in
honor of Dr. Thomas Singelyn, DDS
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Walworth, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gail L. Warden
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Warren
Ms. C. Wascher
Mrs. Dorothy Wasinger
Mr. Colton P. Weatherston
Ms. Karyn Weir
Dr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Weyhing III
Carol & James Whitehead
Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Whitehouse
Ms. Bethine S. Whitney
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wilberding
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Willemain
Dr. & Mrs. Francis Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Woodhouse in
memory of Adele Huebner
Dr. Calier Worrell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zeller
Khristi & John Zimmeth
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Zmyslowski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. ZurSchmiede
Grosse Pointe Park Centennial Events
Tour of Fairview
On Saturday, September 22, local author and historian, Nicholas
Sinacori, will guide bus tours of the former Village of Fairview, an
area which encompassed Grosse Pointe Park. Sinacori will point
out sites of auto plants, famous locations including two race cours-
es, and people and places that brought Detroit and the Grosse
Pointes to automotive prominence. Tickets are available at the
Grosse Pointe Park City Office, $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and
children under 17.
Centennial Cruise at the Park’s Farmers Market
Owners of pre-1975 restored classic cars are invited to display
them during this year’s final Grosse Pointe Park Farmers Market
on Saturday, September 29. You and your ride will receive a
certificate of participation, and prizes will be awarded. Space is
limited and you must be registered for a display space. Call your
car show pals and tell them about this great summer’s end event.
For information on these events, call Kiki Herfert at 313-822-
9199 or
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