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Since 1986, the Grosse Pointe Historical Society has been
annually awarding historic plaques to Grosse Pointe land-
marks. These plaques recognize historical or architectural
value to the community, encourage their continued
preservations, and recognize the value of adaptive reuse.
On May 13, the Society will hold a special ceremony that
will honor the more than 60 homes and buildings that
have received commemorative plaques. The plaque win-
ners, members of the Society and the community are
invited to attend the program beginning at 7:00 p.m. and
followed by a wine and cheese reception at the Grosse
Pointe War Memorial.
Former plaque recipients will be acknowledged. Photos
and information on all the recipients will be on display.
Four new recipients will be honored for adaptive reuse,
restoration, and maintaining the historically significant
structures. Outgoing Historical Society trustees will be
recognized that evening, as will be new trustees, and
outstanding volunteers.
“The event will be a great opportunity to share the his-
toric legacy of your home and learn a little more about
local history,” said Peggy Woodhouse, Historic Homes
Plaque Chair.
“We wanted to thank our membership, and get to know
other historically-minded members of the community,”
said board president Stuart Grigg. “It will be an evening
to celebrate some extraordinary structures and extraordi-
nary people.”
Still not a member? Call (313) 884-7010 or visit for more information, to make
reservations or to join the Society.
History of Grosse
Pointe Mapped Out
Have you ever driven through the
Grosse Pointes and wondered
about the origins of a beautiful
old mansion or how a certain
street got its name?
Now the answers to those ques-
tions are at your fingertips with
the new Lakeshore Map: A Tour
of Grosse Pointe from Windmill
Pointe to Gaulker Pointe, just
published by the Grosse Pointe
Historical Society. The map illus-
trates 50 places of interest in the
Pointes and includes historical
information about the communi-
ty and beautiful, historic photos.
“We are so excited about this lat-
est guide to Grosse Pointe histo-
ry. It’s a great way learn about
the old mansions that still remain,” said GPHS curator
Suzy Berschback. “Spread the map out at home to get a
great picture of the historic places in Grosse Pointe. Or
take it along on your bike or in the car and do your own
Maps are available at the Provencal-Weir House tours and
Second Saturday events, at the Alfred B. and Ruth S.
Moran Resource Center, and to members. The map will
also be given to members at the Pointes of History
Reception, May 13.
The map was made possible by proceeds from the Grosse
Pointe Historical Society’s summer parties and generous
map sponsors the
DAR Louisa St. Clair Chapter and real
estate brokers Carolyn Candler and Donna Stoner.
Society is grateful to the Grosse Pointe Chapter #147 of
the Questers for their original research on this material.
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2007 Bronze Plaque recipients Marlene and Ken Harle,
Jennifer and Todd Callewaert, Historic Homes Plaque
Chairman, Peggy Woodhouse, James Kelly and
committee member, Valerie Dodenhoff.
GPHS Members
and Guests Invited
to Pointes of History
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