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Suzy Berschback
joins our board after serving as the Society’s
Curator for the past five years. She has coauthored two books relat-
ing to Grosse Pointe,
Grosse Pointe: 1880-1930
(2001), with
Madeleine Socia and
Grosse Pointe Then & Now
(2007), with Ann
Marie Aliotta. She has also written several articles for the Grosse
Pointe News and many of her photos have also been featured in the
paper. She was the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for
the Grosse Pointe War Memorial from 1990 to 2000 and is the new
Community Relations Manager at Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe.
Suzy possesses a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from
Michigan State University and is a graduate of Grosse Pointe South
High School. She and her husband, Chip, who served as Society
President from 1998-2000 and who is an honorary board member,
both grew up in the community. They have two daughters.
Doug Cordier
previously served two three-year terms on the Grosse
Pointe Historical Society board from 2000 to 2006. A former biology
teacher and radio executive, Doug is a Certified Ergonomic
Consultant and principal of Cascom Group LLC, but he is probably
better known around town for his real passion and culinary avoca-
tion as a chef. Doug has been teaching Italian and corporate cooking
classes at the Pointe Peddler and Grosse Pointe War Memorial for
twenty years. Along with teaching, Doug is also a celebrity TV chef
with Chuck Kaess on “Who’s in the Kitchen?” as well as culinary
charity fund raiser for the Ontario Food & Wine Expo, Detroit
Institute for Children, Bon Secours, Wigs for Kids and Lake Shore
Optimist Club. Doug and his wife Mary Beth also lead a tour each
year to Tuscany, Italy.
Susan Morris Hartz
previously served one three-year term on the
Grosse Pointe Historical Society board from 1988 to 1991. Since
leaving our board she has continued to provide assistance to the
Society by pricing antiques that have been donated for the Society’s
Upscale Sales.
Susan once owned an antique shop in the community and for 30
years she operated “Hartz Household Sales,” during which time she
conducted over 1,200 estate sales and 500 appraisals. From 1995 to
2004 she hosted “Conversations with the Collectors” on Grosse
Pointe Cable. She is a current member of the Grosse Pointe City
Beautification Committee. She is a graduate of Wayne State
University. She and her husband, John were born and raised in the
community and have been married for 44 years. The have two chil-
dren and five grandchildren.
Suzy Berschback, Susan Morris Hartz, and Doug Cordier
New Members Join Board
Thank You, Donors
Mr. Douglas A. Boehmer
The Grosse Pointe Academy
In Memory
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shafer in memory of
Anita Spina
Ms. Carolyn Switzer in memory of Ruth S.
and Alfred B. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. in memo-
ry of Janet Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wilson, in memory
of John H. Wilson
Cambell-Ewald in memory of John Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dewandeler in memory
of John Wilson.
Front Porch Fund
Fox Creek Questers #216
Gifts in Kind
Mrs. Noreen Fancy
Ms. Margot Parker
Mr. Brandon M. Rogers
Ms. Laura Rodin
New Intern
Victoria Slater (above, left, with Stuart
Grigg), a junior at Grosse Pointe South, will
be interning at the Resource Center this
summer. Her main duties will be to work in
digitizing the collection. “The thing I love
most about Grosse Pointe history is the fact
that everyone has their own story, and most
stories tend to be connected in some way,”
she said. “And because a lot of the houses
are still up, and families still live in the
area, it makes the history actually come
alive. What really interested me about the
internship was being able to learn more
about the history through other people and
their stories, then being able to share that
information with others who are equally
excited about Grosse Pointe.”
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