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Stuart W. Grigg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .President
Patti Schollenberger . . . . . . .Vice President-Administration
Herman Mozer . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice President-Preservation
Denis Bouchard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Treasurer
Board of Trustees
Kay Agney
Suzy Berschback**
Carolyn Candler
Elizabeth Canzano
James Conway
Doug Cordier**
Amy DeWys-VanHecke
Valerie Dodenhoff
Douglas Dossin
Debbie Graffius
Susan Morris Hartz**
Kiki Herfert
Gregory Jakub
Maud Lyon
Josephine (Jo) Malecek
William Penoyar, Jr.
Sara Malcomson Ralph*
Ann Rock
Mary Lighton Shafer
Michael W. Skinner*
Paul J. Sloan
Elizabeth (Penny) Soby
Molly Valade
Khristi Zimmeth
Gail Zmyslowski*
The Grosse Pointe Historical Society Headquarters, Provencal-
Weir House, c. 1823, 376 Kercheval Ave., is open the second
Saturday of each month during special events, and by appoint-
ment. The Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran Resource Center, 381
Kercheval Ave., is open Tuesday and Wednesday,
and 1:30–4:00
. Phone: (313) 884-7010
*through June 2008
**beginning June 2008
Honorary Board
Chip Berschback
Patricia R. Colett
Michael Farley
Lisa Mower Gandelot
Nancy Griffin
Ronald C. Lamparter
Russell H. Peebles
Robert J. Petz, Jr.
Thomas E. Singelyn, DDS
Mike W. Skinner
Gail R. Stroh-Marentette
Linda Johnson
Program Manager
Nancy Pacitto
Andrea Weyhing
the Moorings
Ann Marie Aliotta
Curator Emeritus
Jean Dodenhoff
Dear Friends,
It has been my honor to work for the Grosse Pointe
Historical Society for the last five years. I am forever
grateful to Stuart Grigg, who has encouraged and
empowered me to put my passion for local history to
work for the enjoyment and education of the community.
I have made lifetime friends on the board, and with our
staff volunteers and members. I am thrilled to accept a
position on the board as I move to Beaumont Hospital,
Grosse Pointe as Community Affairs Manager.
As I leave this position as Executive Director, I am satis-
fied with the growth steps we have taken in the last few
years. We have completed a strategic plan and spent the
last year beginning to implement it. We have won the
County Commissioners’ Award of Excellence from the
Wayne County Council for Arts, History and Humanities
for our website, newsletter and programs. We are well
underway digitizing the collection for preservation and
sharing with our members.
I believe we are in a good position to continue our
momentum and growth. We have a dedicated board and
a talented and passionate staff and growing list of vol-
unteers. Thank you to so many friends for the honor of
supporting the Society and its mission and all that we
have been able to accomplish together.
Historically yours,
Letter from the President
Changes at the GPHS
Change is good, which is a good thing because there are a
number of them taking place at the Society. Suzy
Berschback, our curator, has taken a challenging and
exciting position at Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe.
Linda Johnson, our administrator, will soon move to
Boston with husband Alex, who has an exciting new job
there. Suzy and Linda have truly been visionary team
members, and will be long-remembered and sorely
missed. Happily, Suzy will now join the Board of GPHS,
hardly missing a beat.
New faces join us, and familiar faces take on different
roles. Nancy Pacitto, an active docent and volunteer who
was instrumental in the recent redecorating of the
Provencal-Weir house interior, comes on board as Interim
Program Manager for Programs and Activities. We will
soon name a Curatorial Project Manager for the
Digitization Project to continue digitizing the collection
and coordinating online exhibits. This project has been
generously supported by The Wilkinson Foundation. Our
first Scholar-Intern joins us this summer -- see the article
about her in this issue. And Helga Liedtke, who has vol-
unteered in the Resource Center, and draws on a lifetime
career in business management, will assume the role of
GPHS administrator.
Over the summer, we will be recruiting for our first
Executive Director. This move represents a Board com-
mitment to the goals long-nurtured at GPHS, and a logical
step in our organization's growth, development, and com-
mitment to preserving and promoting Grosse Pointe his-
tory. Please see our website for additional information
about this.
I hope you will join me in wishing Suzy and Linda well,
and welcoming our new team members, with your sup-
port and encouragement. I look forward with great antici-
pation to the next phase of the Society’s growth.
Stuart Grigg
The purpose of the
Grosse Pointe Historical Society
is to preserve and promote
the history of the
Grosse Pointe Community.
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