GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 119

New map acquired
Honorary Board Member Mike Skinner recently acquired
an early twentieth century plat map of Grosse Pointe
from John King Books in downtown Detroit. The map,
from Mason L. Brown & Son Civil Engineers, shows
Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Village and Grosse
Pointe Farms including the Grosse Pointe Manor subdivi-
sion, described as an “entire district within this boundary
restricted exclusively to single residence ranging from
$3,500 to $15,000.” Stop by and check it out!
It’s about time
Next time you stop in the Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran
Resource Center or Provencal-Weir House, you will be
greeted with the wonderful sounds of clocks chiming.
The most beautiful is the Cadieux clock in the Resource
Center. Designed by William Cadieux, the oldest son of
Isidore, around 1917, it was donated to the Society in
1991 by Dutch VandenBoom. The Grandfather clock
was oiled, received new hands and a winding key and
“runs like a champ!,” according to GPHS President
Stuart Grigg.
Three more clocks inside the Provencal-Weir house were
also refurbished and make wonderful tick-tock sounds all
day long. “It really adds to the atmosphere of the historic
house,” said Program Manager Nancy Pacitto.
GPHS member Ken Steketee enjoys a ride in Mike Skinner's Model T
during the August event at the Provencal-Weir House celebrating the
100th anniversary of the car. Steketee bought his first Model T in 1938
for $10.00 when he was 14 years of age and sold it in 1941 for $15.00.
About 25 people got rides in the two cars and about 50 people enjoyed
Mike’s lecture on the history of the car that “put the world on wheels.”
New brickwork at
Resource Center
The entry to the Alfred B. and Ruth S. Moran Resource
Center got a face lift over the summer. The City of Grosse
Pointe Farms redid the sidewalk with bricks left over
from a park project, added a bench and put a second
trash receptacle at the corner of Lakeview and Kercheval.
Farms City Manager Shane Reeside was excited to spruce
up the corner that gets a lot of traffic.
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