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and an early investor in the Wright Airplane Co. He
arranged for a Wright Flyer airplane and a pilot to come
here and give demonstration rides to the Aero Club mem-
bers and their families. The exhibit shows pictures of this
event with text by John A. Bluth.
The story goes that Alger’s daughter, Josephine, was the
first woman passenger in the plane and inspired the song
“Come Josephine in My Flying Machine,” made famous in
the movie
Grosse Pointe Farms Street Survey
During the late 1910s and early 1920s Grosse Pointe
Farms undertook a land survey documented in photo-
graphs. The photos are part of the Ignastius Backman
Collection from the Farms city offices. By the 1910s, the
advent of the car accelerated the development of Grosse
Pointe. New inland roads like Oak (now Muir) attracted
tradesmen, estate workers and village employees while
streets like Beverly lured businessmen and professionals.
Estate owners used inland portions of their property for
subdivisions like Lothrop; developers replaced farmland
with boulevards like Cloverly.
Historic Bronze Plaque Recipients
Since 1986, the Society has been annually awarding
bronze plaques to Grosse Pointe landmarks to recognize
their historical or architectural value to the community,
to encourage their continued preservation, or to recog-
nize the value of adaptive reuse. This exhibit showcases
all 65 recipients, detailing their street address, architect
and architectural style, year built and year awarded. A
great way to take a tour of some of Grosse Pointe’s most
important structures.
Thank You, Donors
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