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Grosse Pointe Historical Society Membership Form
Senior Citizen$25.00
Major Benefactor
Lifetime (may be paid over
three-year period)
Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City_____________________________________________________________________________State _________________________________________________________________________________Zip
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________E-mail _________________________________________________________________
Today’s Date ____________________________________________________________________Enclosed is my check in the amount of $ ______________________
__MC __VISA Acct No._____________________Exp Date___________Signature______________________________________Amount____________
___________I am interested in Planned Giving information
Please make your check payable to the Grosse Pointe Historical Society and send it to:
Grosse Pointe Historical Society, 381 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236.
Thank you for your support!
GPHS Beneficiary of $5,000 State Quester Grant
The Michigan State Organization of
Questers was proud to recognize and
congratulate the members of Rose
Terrace Questers #1438, Fox Creek
Questers #216, Pear Tree Questers
#193, and Pettipointe Questers #243 as
the 2008 Grant Recipient winner of
$5,000. The money was used for the
restoration of the front porch of the
Provencal-Weir House c. 1823.
In addition to the grant money, each
of the chapters donated $500 from
their treasuries to ensure that this
project would be completed in a timely
manner. In total, $7,000 was raised for
the project.
Only one such grant is awarded each
year, based on the need and historic
value of the project, and on the ability
of the chapters to support the project. It was awarded to GPHS Program Director Nancy Pacitto, also a founding
member of the Rose Terrace Questers, and Lynn Detwiler, of the Rose Terrace Questers, at the state Quester
convention earlier in the fall.
Stop by and take a look—the house has never looked better!
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Wilkinson Foundation Supports Further Digitizing, City Survey
GPHS several years ago. Emphasis shifted to Grosse Pointe Farms, resulting in historicdistrict legislation and the
creation of the Beverly Road Historic District. (see
The Wilkinson Foundation granted funds in 2007-08 to revitalize the City survey, and important work was begun.
The current funding will allow that work to continue, with a goal of completion of the survey in 2009-10.
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