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Scares Up
October’s Talking Headstones
walk through St. Paul’s
Cemetery was a sell-out
success, with more than 200
people attending. Among the
guests were about 70
descendants of the families
buried there including Allard, Reno, Trombley, Moran,
D'Hondt, Vernier, Cook, Labadie, Beaupre, Rivard,
Cadieux, Trombley, Meininger, Korte, and Martin.
The event was a joint venture with the Grosse Pointe
Theater, including
Project Leader:
Mary L. Petit
Producer and Assistant Director:
Kathy Conlon
Stage Manager:
Mikie Pizzimenti
Ginger Hupp, Make-up: Arlene Marie
Stage and Lighting:
Sal DeMercurio assisted by Don
Corbin, Geoff Proven, and Dale Pegg.
During a writer’s workshop this summer, six writers from
the Grosse Pointe Theater created the scripts under the
direction of Kathy Conlon, vice president of the Theater.
They used information from the Grosse Pointe Historical
Society and St. Paul Church and William Gorksi, former
GPHS Board Member.
Volunteers that evening were Lynn Detwiler, Scott
Vandermergel, Pam Scanlon, Chip and Suzy Berschback,
and members of a local Eagle Boy Scout troop.
“1856 Temperance”
written by Dianne Pegg; Charles
Moran Jr. played by Don Cillufo, Virginia Moran
St. Aubin played by Tamara Connelly.
“August 16, 1812—Fall of Detroit”
written by Dianne
Pegg; Louis Beaufait played by Larry Marco, Young
George Moran played by Daniel Harris, Uncle Joseph
Moran played by Dante Buffalini, Young Phelice Moran
played by Becky Fogelsong, Mother Catherine Campau
Moran played by Delores Basile.
“1865 Remembering”
written by Gwenn Bashara
Samuel; Catherine Peltier Beaufait played by Lois
Bendler, Louis Beaufait played by Larry Marco.
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