GPHS Moorings Newsletters - page 101

Saved by the Ice
On Februry 4, 1928, a Douglas C28 took off
from Selfridge Air National Guard Base near Mt.
Clemens. The craft ran into trouble and was
forced to make an emergency landing on the ice
on Lake St. Clair in front of D.M. Ferry’s home
at 17100 Jefferson Avenue.
Windows on Time
Next time you go to CVS in the Village,
check out the front window. A dozen
historic images from the GPHS
are on display in large light boxes. Do
you remember when Kercheval
looked like that?
F. Caldwell Walker House
(continued from front page)
Robert O. Derrick designed this dignified, Georgian estate for Hiram Walker’s grandson, F. Caldwell Walker, in 1931.
Walker never had a chance to completely finish the interior or live in the house. Due to the depression, he lost it to
the bank. Three years later the house was sold to Wendell Anderson Sr. of Bundy Tubing. Five Belgian craftsmen
were hired to finish the wood and plaster work inside – a three year project. Anderson lived there until 1963, when
the home was sold to George and Penny Simon who raised their 10 children there. It is still presently owned by the
Simon family.
The impressive red brick structure has strong classical lines including Ionic columns on the front and rear porches.
Also, other elegant appointments decorate the exterior, including four decorative carved stone medallions flanking
either side of the building front, which represent the Four Seasons. The estate sits on 2.2 acres of land, and the
house itself is approximately 18,000 square feet.
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