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The Chapin Residence

447 Lake Shore Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, 1927, 18th century Georgian architecture.

In 1927, Roy D. Chapin, president of Hudson Motor Company, commissioned John Russell Pope, an architect of national reputation, to erect a stately Georgian Mansion on Lakeshore Road. Mrs. Chapin greatly admired the John S. Newberry House and consequently it served as a model for the Chapin House, at least in the general plan.

In hands of Pope, the architectural treatment was entirely different; conventional academicism took the place of the free and creative spirit that had marked their earlier house. The Georgian repertory of column, pilaster and pediment, which had been so discreetly suppressed on the Newberry House, reappeared with all its strongly 18th Century flavor.

The year 1956 saw still another interpretation of the original plan, for it was then that Henry Ford II bought the house following the death of Mrs. Chapin.

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